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Starting the Year with “Wings”

The staff of mentors and children at Project Wings in Tzfat took advantage of the weather in the Galilee to take a special field trip before the start of the new year.

Project Wings is an educational project that gives children chosen by the official educational bodies the opportunity to benefit from personal mentors. The mentors accompany the children during the after-school hours and even beyond that, as a friendly figure standing at their side as they deal with complex realities.

This tutoring/friendship shows signs of its success, from preventing school dropout to success scholastically, socially, and improving the overall quality of life of these children.
The management of the Colel understands the great importance of the project and invests significant resources and budgets so that the mentors have the energy and didactic resources they need to succeed.

“With these results – it’s hard to remain indifferent!” Testimony from A., a mentor in the project.



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