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A Fun, Chassidic Summer for the Clubhouse Children

Summer vacation is already here, and at Colel Chabad, we aren’t giving up on a fun, chassidic summer for the children of the clubhouses.

Throughout the year, Colel Chabad operates 3 clubhouses – boys/girls of elementary school age, and one for high school students, which are like “warm homes” that look out for all of the children’s needs: from serving a hot lunch, scholastic, Torani, and chassidic support, enrichment and extracurricular activities, leisure and sports activities, and even sending the children home with a sandwich and snack to take to school the next morning.

With the summer vacation starting, the clubhouse staff members and management of Colel Chabad got together to plan a chassidic, fun summer for the clubhouse children. They didn’t give up on the quality of the content, trips, and hitvaaduyot… All to give the clubhouse children the very best.

Here are the programs…

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Named after including Chabad Safed
Poalei Agudath Israel Bank (52)
Haifa branch (187)
Account number: 574538


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Named after including Chabad Safed
No. H-N 4497217

Also, donations can be mailed to:
Including Chabad Safed
Kiryat Chabad 221/28, PO Box 6194
Safed 13410

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