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special assistance funds

In recent years, Colel Chabad-Tsfat’s emergency aid funds have become one of the major chesed initiatives in Israel’s north, indeed in all of Israel.

The organization assists in the rehabilitation of dozens of families by raising and distributing urgently needed funds during emergency situations, medical crises and family tragedies.

Thanks to Colel Chabad-Tsfat’s professional, orderly and transparent management, the organization is well positioned to create, promote and spearhead targeted funds. These provide critical, lifesaving help and hope in very serious cases.

Because of the almost unique organizational and fund-raising capabilities of Colel Chabad-Tsfat, the organization is often called upon to scramble to the aid of families that live outside its territory and even outside of Israel proper.

Likewise the organization often provides major financial support even for those funds that are not under its direct management.

Every approved case is first carefully scrutinized to determine that it warrants immediate, life saving aid.

Some of these emergency funding efforts have become legendary, among them:

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