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holiday support


A broad array holiday support prior to major holidays:

Ahead of major Jewish festivals – aside from all its support, emergency and educational programs – Colel Chabad-Tsfat offers an assortment of additional tzedakah and chesed services:

Fruit and vegetables distribution;

Vouchers worth thousands of shekels to enable shopping at local supermarket chains;

Subsidized deliveries of meat and food, and more.

Colel Chabad understands that even for families that don’t cry out, the enormous holiday expenditures can wipe out their meager bank balances and ruin their celebrations. Colel Chabad-Tsfat makes every effort to minimize these expenses, and is constantly devising new ideas to lower costs and provide much needed help.

Not just for the major festivals! Throughout the year Colel Chabad-Tsfat does the utmost to keep people smiling. For example, gifts to the poor on Purim (Matanot l’Evyonim); by distributing traditional ‘Kimcha d’Pischa funds (lit. flour for Passover) prior to Pesach; meat and fish for Shabbat; back-to-school allocations (at-cost school supplies, distribution of backpacks and more).


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