The Batyit v’Lev Clubs – Warm House for children in the Galilee

The youth clubs project of Colel Chabad-Tsfat is one of the organization’s  most blessed and key programs.

In this peripheral city with its high percentage of families in socio-economic straits and/or challenging circumstances, we have established a complete network of clubs that care for children of such families after  the school day. We provide them with the space, the resources and the warm home which, unfortunately, is lacking in their lives.

As its name implies, the Bayit v’Lev program is comprised of three clubs for boys and girls of primary school age, plus one club for intermediate school children.  They offer a ‘warm home’ which is concerned with every detail and phase of the child’s development. This starts with a hot lunch; assistance with their general, Torah and Chassidic studies; enrichment groups and support; leisure activities and athletics; and bringing the child home provisioned with a sandwich and snack for the next morning.

It is almost impossible to describe the wide-ranging effects of this initiative other than to call it a “chesed shel emet” (a good deed which the beneficiary can never repay). The program provides an opportunity for genuine elevation to a quality life, and full integration of these cherished children who would otherwise becomes casualties of their circumstances. 

In order to effectively operate these clubs, Colel Chabad built a new compound featuring modern equipment, a professional kitchen and dining room, and the finest educational supplies. As well, these clubs deploy a large, dedicated staff of house fathers and mothers, counselors and teachers, psychologists, cooks, and facilities personnel all of whom are dedicated – heart and soul ­– to the children whom they view as their very own.

This chesed project, one of the largest and most outstanding in the north, offer a gateway of light and hope for scores of children every year.

The costs of acquisition, operations, and administration of the educational and pedagogic services are significant. We are calling upon you! Please join and help us merit to continue this chesed and blessing long into the future.

Your gift makes you a partner in:

The Batyit v’Lev Clubs

Material, spiritual and emotional support for at risk children and youth;

The Batyit v’Lev Clubs

Enabling children and youth to integrate into society

The Batyit v’Lev Clubs

Providing counseling and preparation for youth leaders who can help at-risk children

The Batyit v’Lev Clubs

Maintaining and fortifying children from a professional educational aspect