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Project Wings, Nice to Meet You!

Colel Chabad Tzfat’s Project Wings is another amazing, successful project that is characteristic of the organization’s vision of not only providing the needy population with its basic needs, but also giving them the tools that will help them break free of the cycle of poverty in the future.

Nice to meet you!

Project Wings is an educational project that gives children chosen by the official educational bodies the opportunity to benefit from personal mentors. The mentors accompany the children during the after-school hours and even beyond that, as a friendly figure standing at their side as they deal with complex realities.

Included in the mentoring is scholastic help, homework, studying for tests, personal conversations and advice, as well as fun activities, trips, outings to the swimming pool and games. Often, the connection extends beyond the allocated hours, due to the admirable dedication of the mentors, who sometimes even host the children on Shabbat and holidays.

Yinon Lang, a mentor in Project Wings, invented a game to make Gemara learning easier and created it together with his mentee. This will definitely help him integrate in class, follow along better, and participate more in class discussions.


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colel chabad zefat
Poaley Agudat Israel Bank
Branch haifa (187)
Account Number 409-574538
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Poalei Agudath Israel Bank (52)
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Post Bank
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Also, donations can be mailed to:
Including Chabad Safed
Kiryat Chabad 221/28, PO Box 6194
Safed 13410

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