“BROAD SHOULDERS” - Colel Chabad



Colel Chabad-Tsfat’s “Broad Shoulders” project is another major and successful program that squares perfectly with the organization’s vision.  This vision is to provide not only basic essentials for the poor, but to also provide the necessary tools for personal growth and the education needed to help them emerge from the cycle of poverty.

“Broad Shoulders” is an educational program which connects deserving children with personal educators  who accompany them after regular school hours and beyond, and help them cope with their difficult daily challenges.

This personal help includes assistance with general and religious studies, homework assignments, exam preparation and personal counseling, as well as extracurricular activities such as class trips, swimming and games. The dedication of these counselors often means going beyond their paid hours as they invite the children to their homes for Shabbat and festivals.

The payoff for this special friendship and educational support is a vastly reduced dropout rate, significant academic achievement, enhanced social adaptability and improved anoverall quality of life.

Colel Chabad’s directors attach great importance to this program. They invest significant funds to assure all the necessary educational resources and incentives for success.

This program results in positive achievements, true joy, and a new opportunity for a population that, without this program, might simply give up. Join is in this educational chesed initiative and enable us to offer genuine hope and a meaningful educational boost.

Your gift makes you a partner in:

Fostering self confidence for children living in difficult circumstances

Advancing Torah study among Israel children

Assistance to children who have difficulties with social adjustment

Preventing covert and outright dropping out