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Starting First Grade with a Smile!

The new school year is about to begin, and the beautiful children who have just completed kindergarten will be starting a meaningful new stage in their lives and entering first grade!

Yes, yes, this is an important moment in their young lives… They waited so long to get here. Everyone is excited… Getting ready physically and mentally… Buying uniforms, and shiny new supplies for the new year…

For many families, it isn’t easy to give their child the experience of a nice new backpack and a pencil case filled with the supplies they need to start the year. Getting ready for the new school year isn’t cheap.

Colel Chabad launched a campaign to prepare for the new school year for families with school-aged children:

70 children entering first grade received “the whole package” – a backpack and pencil case equipped with the supplies needed to start the year.
In addition, dozens of families received gift cards to purchase uniforms for their children.

Now, another 150 children can go back to school with a big smile on their faces…

This is an experience that’s hard to miss!

Bank transfer:
Named after including Chabad Safed
Poalei Agudath Israel Bank (52)
Haifa branch (187)
Account number: 574538


Post Bank
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No. H-N 4497217

Also, donations can be mailed to:
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Kiryat Chabad 221/28, PO Box 6194
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