Philanthropist R’ Yossi Popack of New York especially supports Tzfat families due to COVID-19 - Colel Chabad

Philanthropist R’ Yossi Popack of New York especially supports Tzfat families due to COVID-19

Colel Chabad Tzfat expanded its operations in honor of Pesach due to the crisis

The outbreak of COVID-19 in Tzfat caused an emergency situation.

Everything ground to a halt!

Out of the blue, everything simply stopped entirely

Families didn’t know what to do, the economic situation was already not simple,

but now…

Families cried out – save us!

Then the angels of Colel Chabad Tzfat arrived,

R Yossi Popack, together with his wife Batsheva, helps Anash families here in Tzfat before every holiday. R’ Popack is the one who established the Colel Market in Tzfat for the benefit of the local residents, so that they can shop for food at discounted prices in a store that is spacious, clean, and organized, in a pleasant atmosphere.

This year, due to the crisis, the Popacks contributed even more in order to enable 500 families here in Tzfat to receive a special monetary grant and a very large basket of fruits and vegetables worth hundreds of shekels, so that they could celebrate Pesach calmly and comfortably.

For R’ Yossi Popack and his wife Batsheva, Ahavat Yisrael isn’t just a slogan. It’s a way of life.

The distributions took place in an organized manner according to the Ministry of Health guidelines, in individual packages that waited at the various collection points.

The distribution of the baskets of fruits and vegetables was part of additional activities that were organized by Colel Chabad, including: a significant monetary grant to help families celebrating their first Seder at home due to COVID-19, who had to buy everything needed to conduct a Seder. In addition, hundreds of games and pizzas were distributed to the many families that were in quarantine, to raise their spirits during this difficult period.


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