In recent years, Colel Chabad-Tsfat’s emergency aid funds have become one of the major chesed initiatives in Israel’s north, indeed in all of Israel.

The organization assists in the rehabilitation of dozens of families by raising and distributing urgently needed funds during emergency situations, medical crises and family tragedies.

Thanks to Colel Chabad-Tsfat’s professional, orderly and transparent management, the organization is well positioned to create, promote and spearhead targeted funds. These provide critical, lifesaving help and hope in very serious cases.

Because of the almost unique organizational and fund-raising capabilities of Colel Chabad-Tsfat, the organization is often called upon to scramble to the aid of families that live outside its territory and even outside of Israel proper.

Likewise the organization often provides major financial support even for those funds that are not under its direct management.

Every approved case is first carefully scrutinized to determine that it warrants immediate, life saving aid.

Some of these emergency funding efforts have become legendary, among them:

  • Lifesaving help - for 4.5 year old Dinush Dinush who was unable to eat owing to a congenital ailment, and required surgery and hospitalization in the US;
  • Times of need call for a generous heart - The Gorodetzky Family – emissaries of the Rebbe in Ukraine who moved to Israel – were living in subhuman conditions.  The mother had a chronic illness, and two of the children were suffering from cancer;
  • When the heart is on fire the purse is open - In the dark of night, the home of Shpadov family in Beer Sheva went up in flames. They lost their tiny daughter Shterna Sarah while their son was left in critical condition and in urgent need of Divine help. Plus they lost their home and all of their modest possessions;
  • We do not abandon nine orphans! - A horrifying tragedy befell the family of a young emissary, Mrs. Chana Segal obm  who left behind nine orphaned children. The youngest was a year and a half old. The trauma for the family was enormous, and we undertook the responsibility for the welfare and material needs of the nine children and their bereft father;
  • Rushing to help after a fire - Yesterday a blaze erupted in a field of thorns at the edge of Tsfat. It rapidly spread to a number of homes leaving ten families without shelter. Colel Chabad rushed to the rescue and enabled them re-establish themselves with housing, clothing, food and supplies;
  • Eli’s kids are everyone’s children! - A tragedy occurred last week with the death of a young 28 year old rabbi in Kfar Chabad, Elimelech Weisberg obm. He left behind his widow and two young children of whom the older one is just shy of his ‘upsheren’ (third birthday, first haircut);
  • It’s time to run, Hani Elishevitz! -  I am the 28 year old mother of five children. At the Nitzanim junction, on the night of 27 Sivan 5779 (June 30, 2019) my car was struck head-on by a vehicle coming from the opposite lane. This resulted in the shattering of my collarbone and the upper spinal vertebrae. I recall the effort to extricate me from my vehicle, and I understood something serious had happened. I was screaming at the paramedic that I could not move my legs. Recently I was notified about a new spinal surgery that could be performed overseas. This could offer me a rare chance to once again stand on my own two feet, to fulfill my children’s dreams of once again having a mother who could walk, and dance and be like all the other moms.

We call upon you to help us serve as rapid-response resource during the sort of emergencies we hope never to experience ourselves. Become our partners in this great merit to help our brothers and sisters during critical emergencies.  Donate now.

Your gift makes you a partner in:


Rescuing families from economic collapse


Immediate emergency aid


Love your neighbor as you love yourself


Help with extraordinary medical expenses