Aid to the Needy – Colel Chabad-Tsfat

Colel Chabad’s economic support and chesed programs operate year ‘round, non-stop. The highly-regarded support and chesed projects of Colel Chabad-Tsfat have been providing help for many years, serving the needs of hundreds of families in Tsfat and the surrounding communities, fostering a positive social climate and meaningful assistance.

The support services are multi-faceted, necessary and holistic:

  • Monthly support for families selected on account of their dire circumstances. This support includes: Monthly shopping cards, holiday food supplies and, as necessary, payment of utilities bills (water, electricity, heat);
  • Broader support for borderline families at times when economic stress is greatest owing to extraordinary seasonal expenditures, such as major holidays and festivals;
  • “Colel Market”, a subsidized supermarket which stocks household necessities and offers them at manufacturers’ cost plus overhead;
  • Emergency aid funding for families in urgent need owing to an extreme emergency;

And much, much more.

These chesed activities provide direct, critical support for the organization’s target population. They enable such families to live in dignity by mitigating the economic challenges they are facing.

By becoming our partner in out economic support project, you become a 100% partner of tzedakah and chesed.

Through your gift you become a partner in:

Aid to the Needy

Cheering up widows and orphans

Aid to the Needy

Aiding deserving, needy families

Aid to the Needy

Providing counseling and leadership training in order to provide help at-risk youth

Aid to the Needy

Assistance with medical costs